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Chiropractic Research Breakdown

Jul 29, 2019

Live with Dr Otto Janke! We will be breaking down adaptability, HRV, and Subluxation in reference to his most recent case report regarding the care of a post breast cancer patient. You aren't going to want to miss his insights into nervous system function and how it relates to our practice every day. Can't wait to get...

Jul 24, 2019

Live with Gary Wilkerson from University of Tennessee!
Dr. Wilkerson is an expert in neurological effects of Sports Related Concussion, including neuromechanical responsiveness and HRV -- so you KNOW we are going to be diving deep!
Can't wait to get this information out to our community in the coming week -- jump on...

Jul 9, 2019

Breaking down the research around upper cervical care and cardiovascular (and ANS) function with UC superstar Dr. Robert Kessinger!
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Jul 2, 2019

Live with New Zealand's own Dr. David Russell!
One of the most published chiropractors out there, I'm looking forward to this guy bringing the heat on his most recent case report on stroke recovery as well as the evidence behind a subluxation-oriented approach.
If you want to keep relevant information like this in...