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Chiropractic Research Breakdown

Feb 13, 2023

Let's take a BIG look at Epilepsy. Let's review what we KNOW, what it MEANS, and how we can COMMUNICATE and SERVE these patients.

They need us, they need hope - it's our responsibility to get them to YES.

And it's even more important to deliver on the promise.

Feb 6, 2023

Today's episode is the audio from a recent talk on the dysafferentation/4D/10D model of subluxation with Sherman's PX club. 

There is some great science as well as clinical pearls for communicating with parents and with other providers in a way that honors what they know and builds the case for chiropractic care.



Jan 23, 2023

After two years of radio silence... we're back!

And it's a good one.

We break down Dr. Amy Spoelstra's recent retrospective analysis of patients with neurodevelopmental challenges.

And the results are HUGE.

There's communication GOLD on how to connect with parents and relate to other providers.

When we understand THEIR...

Nov 17, 2020

Autonomic Nervous System activity is a MESS with chronic pain and Fibro patients. The Department of Psychology at the University of Jaen decided to use the very same tests YOU have in YOUR office to view just how ADAPTABILITY is decreased in these patients. And... the results are 100% congruent in what we see and...

Nov 9, 2020

Prenatal and Early Life stress impacts --> Immune System --> Mental Health?
This is a mechanism we haven't explored before.
In this episode, we break down normal central nervous system immune function and physiology and how this article, not written by chiropractors, completely justifies EVERYTHING we talk about. The...